Who is Sleepasil?

Sleepasil is created to help Filipinos live their best life through a safe and effective supplements that will aid them to sleep better and healthier.

What’s inside the capsule?

What's Inside Sleepasil Capsule


If there’s anything melatonin is known for, that is it being an effective sleep aid. But aside from helping you take back your healthy sleeping habits, melatonin is also responsible for a host of benefits to keep your body and mind in shape.

Immune System Booster - Sleepasil Melatonin

Immune System Boost.
Disruption on your melatonin supply can upset cell turnover which in turn might weaken your immune system and make you vulnerable to sickness. Melatonin has powerful antioxidant properties that act as inflammatory agents and help your white blood cells fight infection.

Focus And Brain Fucntion Optimization - Sleepasil

Focus and Brain Function Optimization.
As melatonin helps you get quality sleep, it also benefits your ability to focus and think. Varying studies showed evidence that melatonin helps improve memory as well as its function while under stress.

Stress and Management Anxiety - Sleepasil

Stress Management and Anxiety.
Apart from keeping your energy balance, focus, and memory in check, adequate sleep also helps you regulate emotions. If you’ve ever been cranky due to lack of sleep, you might be thrilled to find out that as melatonin helps you sleep better, studies suggest that it also helps ease anxiety and stress. Taking melatonin and training your body to get quality sleep helps prevent other sleep problems like insomnia disrupt your sleep-wake cycle.

Skin Health - Sleepasil

Skin Health.
Read about any skincare product designed to be used at night and they will tell you the same thing–that the skin repairs itself as you sleep at night and it’s the best time for your skin to absorb key ingredients that are active in the product. As such, insufficient sleep also means that your skin doesn’t get to rest well which may cause it to dry and age faster. So while you ensure that your skincare products keep your skin nourished and hydrated, remember that you can also protect it by tenough sleep.

Maintain Energy Balance - Sleepasil

Maintain Energy Balance.
Energy balance is the link between the energy you spend and the energy you consume through food. Without quality sleep, your body’s ghrelin levels increase making you feel like you need to eat more food than you need and might impact weight gain. Lack of sleep also makes you more prone to fatigue, and improving your melatonin levels can help you sleep on time and wake up feeling energetic.


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